Acorn-fed Loin 50% Iberian

The Acorn-fed Loin 50% Iberian. It allows you to appreciate the authentic flavor of the Iberian loin and the acorn. Tasting this Acorn-fed Loin 50% Iberian transports you to the true flavor of the Extremadura pasture.

Elaborated with the noblest pieces of the Iberian pig where the intensity is intermingled with a delicate aroma of acorns to provide the product with elegance.

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The Acorn-fed Loin 50% Iberian comes from pigs raised in our pastures in Extremadura, cradle of the Iberian par excellence and fed with acorns, herbs and natural grasses. From an old traditional recipe, this exquisite and singular delicacy is elaborated. Since it doesn't have the powerful flavor and aroma of the paprika, it allows you to appreciate the authentic flavor of Iberian pork loin, only marinated with salt and some peppercorns, being able to appreciate the aroma of the acorn. A mild recipe, which helps to taste the Acorn-fed Loin 50% Iberian in all its splendor. 

The natural acorn-fed Iberian loin, without paprika, is an exquisite piece that allows you to appreciate all the quality of this great piece with all its nuances, resulting in a product of fine flavor, worthy of the best palates. Its texture is homogeneous and juicy. It has a soft pink color, with less pronounced fat marbling, since the absence of paprika gives it a more natural color. An intense and unique flavor, rounding the piece, say the most demanding palates.

Its curing process is similar to the rest of Iberian loins. They are stuffed into natural casings and the drying and curing times are maintained.

As a result, a natural Iberian product is obtained, which allows to better capture the exquisite flavor of the Iberian loin from Extremadura. The characteristics of flavor and aroma from the acorn, together with the curing process, make the Extremadura folded loin a highly coveted product by the gourmet sector.

Montesano, Cult to the Iberian!


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