Ham free-range grain-fed 100% Iberian Montesano

Ham free-range grain-fed 100% Iberian, criado y curado en Extremadura.

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At Montesano Extremadura, located in the cradle of the Iberian pig, we know a lot about everything related to the selection, breeding, feeding, and production of these gastronomic wonders, the result of many years of artisanal work. All that experience is transferred to the care and breeding of the Iberian pig.

The free-range grain-fed ham is made with Iberian breed animals raised in freedom. Fed with the best selection of feeds, cereals, and legumes, which impart a unique flavor to its meat.

The artisanal production in its curing process gives it an exceptional flavor and unique nuances in its category. Our master ham makers carefully monitor each piece, ensuring that each ham has its appropriate curing period. The curing of these hams is a slow and lengthy process, around 4 years, depending on the weight of the piece, and takes place in the natural drying rooms and cellars that Montesano Extremadura has in Jerez de los Caballeros. Here, the tradition of opening and closing windows to the mountain air imparts character to the flavor and aroma that only Montesano Hams possess.

Upon completion, the master ham tasters will decide if they are ready, and they will be traditionally sliced by master slicers, presented in an easy-to-consume format; in an instant, you can savor the flavor of the Extremadura in every slice.

At Montesano, faithful to tradition, with perfect genetic selection, water, mountain air, and sensitivity, we work the miracle of these foods that are ambassadors of Spain and Extremadura worldwide. Montesano, a tribute to the Iberian!


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Certificado Araporcei
7 to 7,5 kg
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