Dedicated artisanship

.Located in the cradle of the Iberian pig, Montesano Extremadura has thorough knowledge about everything related to the selection, breeding, mix-feeding and production of these gastronomic wonders, the result of the artisan work of many years..

The elaboration of our products has been based on home-made practices inherited by tradition and today aided by controlled processes that have managed to perfect and optimise methods that ensure quality at optimum levels.


    Montesano is in harmony with its environment; the pasture, an unrepeatable ecosystem, the holm oaks, cork oaks and the Iberian pig.


    Tradition and new technologies have been combined to obtain these gastronomic jewels.


    At Montesano, time stands still. Patience, dedication and experience are fundamental in each stage of production in the long artisan curing process, as the curing of a 100% Acorn-fed Iberian Ham requires at least 5 years.


    Our ham masters are dedicated daily to taste the products for their approval, which has resulted in obtaining the highest award of the iTQi awards, considered the Michelin Stars of food.