Acorn-fed Loin 100% Iberian folded

1,1 to 1,2 kg

Allergen free Natural

Acorn-fed Loin 100% Iberian folded. The most natural flavor of the Dehesa. The Acorn-fed Loin 100% Iberian folded comes from 100% Iberian pigs raised in our Extremadura pastures, the cradle of the Iberian pig par excellence, and fed with acorns, herbs and natural grasses. This exquisite and unique delicacy is elaborated from an ancient traditional recipe of Extremadura. It is stuffed doubled and therefore needs a longer curing process, more than 7 months. The flavor, aroma of the acorns and the curing process are what make this product one of the most highly valued. Due to its texture and flavor, it is one of the most appreciated sausages by gourmets.

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The Acorn-fed Loin 100% Iberian folded of Montesano is elaborated with loins of 100% Iberian pigs. It is a specialty of Extremadura, one of its prized treasures of gastronomy. A unique and exceptional product with a strong taste of acorns, and the flavor of the Extremadura pasture. The loin is made in a completely handmade way following a recipe from the south of Extremadura. It is marinated without paprika and only with a light seasoning of salt and slight amounts of garlic, pepper and additives. At the time of stuffing, the whole piece is folded transversely in half, which is why it's called folded, and is lightly coated with lard, then stuffed into a larger diameter casing, according to the size of the folded piece and tied with string in several parts of the piece so that the folded piece is melted into one. Subsequently, and due to its size, it requires more curing time than a normal piece, which, in the case of Montesano's acorn-fed folded loin, lasts more than 7 months. Months in which the artisan pork butchers of Montesano, connoisseurs of the recipe and the product, watch over each piece with care and attention, adjusting the strings that surround it in the traditional way. As a result, a natural Iberian product is obtained, without paprika, which allows to better capture the exquisite flavor of the Iberian pork loin from Extremadura. The characteristics of flavor and aroma from the acorn, together with the curing process, make the Extremadura folded loin a highly coveted product by the gourmet sector. At Montesano we are faithful to our principles. Tradition and innovation and love for detail. We leave nothing to chance and we take care of our products from the beginning with the utmost care. A perfect genetic selection, fresh herbs and aromatic plants, holm oaks, cork oaks and lots of acorns, water and the air of the mountains, time, patience, love and sensitivity. That, together with model facilities, approved by the most demanding markets, work the miracle of these healthy foods, and are the simple ingredients of our recipes to make the best products in the world, one hundred percent Extremaduran and Spanish, whose international imprint has made them gastronomic ambassadors, wherever they go. Montesano, Cult to Iberian!


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Cut of the piece
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1,1 to 1,2 kg
Breed percent
100% Ibérico
Allergen free


Ham, salt and preservatives ....

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100 g serving
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Total fat 0,00 g
Saturated fat 0,00 g
Carbohydrates 0,00 g
Sugars 0,00 g
Proteins 0,00 g
Salt 0,00 g

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