Mix-Fed 50% Iberian Pork Ham

Mix-Fed 50% Iberian Pork Ham, a unique flavour and nuances. Our 50% Iberian Mix-Fed Hams are high quality hams from pigs reared in freedom in the pastures of Extremadura and fed on feed, natural pasture and acorns. In our case, these hams are cured for approximately 4 years. You can identify it by the green bridle.


In Montesano Extremadura, located in the cradle of the Iberian pig, we know a lot about everything related to selection, breeding, fattening and obtaining these gastronomic wonders, the result of the artisan work of many years. All this experience is transferred to the care and breeding of the Iberian pig.

Montesano’s Mix-Fed hams come from Iberian pigs, raised in freedom, well “”campeados”” and fed mainly with natural pasture, fodder and acorns. Their curing, like the rest of Montesano Iberian hams, is handmade and this gives them an exceptional flavour and unique nuances in their category. Our master ham makers watch over each piece, making sure that each ham has its appropriate curing period.

The curing of these hams is a slow and long process that takes around 4 years, depending on the weight of the piece, and is carried out in the natural drying rooms and cellars that Montesano Extremadura has in Jerez de los Caballeros. Here, the work of opening and closing windows to the air of the mountains, pure tradition, will give character to the flavour and smell that only Montesano hams possess. At the end, the tastings of the ham master will decide whether they are ready to be sold in pieces or are sent to the boning room or are sliced with a knife by master cutters.

At Montesano, faithful to tradition, to a perfect genetic selection, fresh pastures, acorns and water, mountain air and sensitivity, they work the miracle of these foods that are ambassadors of Spain and Extremadura all over the world. Montesano, the cult of the Iberian!

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Breed Percent
50% Iberian
Feed & pasture
Allergen free

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Nutritional information


Iberian cured ham, salt and preservatives E-250 and E-252.

Nutritional Information

Portion 100 g
Amounts per portion
Calories 300 kcal=1256 kJ
Total fat 19,00 g
Saturated fat 6,00 g
Carbohydrate 0,00 g
Sugar 0,00 g
Proteins 32,00 g
Salt 2,78 g