Grass-Fed 50% Iberian Pork Shoulder


At Montesano Extremadura, located in the cradle of the Iberian pig, we know a lot about everything related to selection, breeding, fattening, and obtaining these gastronomic wonders, the result of many years of artisan work. All this experience is transferred to the care and breeding of the Iberian pig.

The field fattened shoulders, identified with the green bridle, come from animals fed with natural resources from the Dehesa, acorns, and grass combined with the best selection of feed, cereals, and legumes, which give their meat a unique flavour. Its curing, like the rest of Montesano Iberian hams and shoulders, is handmade and this gives them an exceptional flavour and unique nuances in its category.

The shoulders are the front legs of the animal, and the process for making them is the same as for producing hams, only the curing time is different, as curing is a question of time and size, the larger the piece, the longer it takes to cure it. Thus, while an Iberian ham cures for around 4-5 years, in the case of shoulder hams it takes around 24 months.

Our master ham makers watch over each piece, making sure that each one has its appropriate curing period in the natural drying rooms and cellars that Montesano Extremadura has in Jerez de Los Caballeros. Here a work of opening and closing windows to the air of the mountains, pure tradition, will give character to that flavour and smell that only Montesano Montesano hams and shoulders possess, cult to the Iberian!

Montesano, culto al ibérico!

Product details

Data sheet

Breed Percent
50% Ibérico
Feed & pasture
Allergen free

Nutritional information


Iberian shoulder, salt and preservatives E-250 and E-252

Nutrition facts

100 g serving
Amounts per serving
330 kcal=1384 kJ
Total fat 22,00 g
Saturated fat 6,00 g
Carbohydrates 0,00 g
Sugars 0,00 g
Proteins 33,00 g
Salt 2,780 g