Acorn-fed Ham 50% Iberian Breed knife-cut 28 packets+tips+bones

Whole ham cut by knife by master ham masters presented in a box of 28 individual packets of 100 gr. + the tips and bones.


Our 50% Iberian acorn-fed hams come from animals reared in freedom in the Extremadura dehesa, a sustainable ecosystem that is unique in Europe. More than one million hectares of meadows and forests. Holm oaks, cork oaks, oaks and other plant species populate the landscape. Morning mists cool the fields of this region establishing a microclimate conducive to the development of fresh and aromatic herbs, coexisting with the master of these meadows, the Iberian pig. Sun, air, water and large spaces are its natural habitat.

Feeding on fresh grass and aromatic plants, large quantities of acorns, the continuous bathing in ponds and streams, make them “”championed”” animals, stylised and well-shaped. Then, in the “”montaneras””, where they can eat 12 to 15 kilos of acorns per day, they culminate a process of 18 to 24 months that will determine the organoleptic characteristics and the success of the final result.

A tasty meat, rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Acorn-fed hams need time and dedication, and that is what we give them at Montesano. The curing process lasts between four and five years, pure tradition, they will give character to that flavour and smell that only the authentic Montesano Iberian ham and shoulder ham, reared with acorns from the pastures of Extremadura, possesses. Our master ham cutters will cut the ham with a knife, to present it in a format that helps you to enjoy the pleasure of eating a great ham. Montesano, the cult of Iberian ham!

Product Details

Reference 51110

Data sheet

2,8 kg
Breed Percent
50% Iberian
Allergen free

Nutritional information


Iberian ham, salt and preservatives E-250 and E-252″.

Nutritional information

Portion 100 g
Amounts per portion
Calories 330 kcal=1384 kJ
Total fat 22,00 g
Saturated fat 6,00 g
Carbohydrate 0,00 g
Sugar 0,00 g
Protein 33,00 g
Salt 2,78 g