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Iberian hams, shoulders and Iberian centres

The star dish of the house

100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham with Designation of Origin of Dehesa de Extremadura..

Its characteristics leave no room for doubt. It has an elongated shape, preserving its unique black hoof. When cut, it has a distinctive colour ranging from pink to purple red and a delicate flavour, slightly salty or sweet. The aroma is pleasant, full of nuances and its texture is not very fibrous. Its fat is shiny, aromatic and has a pleasant flavour.

Montesano also offers a wide range in terms of Iberian Hams and Shoulders: Acorn-fed Iberian Hams and Shoulders, Recebo (mix-fed with acorns and fodder), Cebo (fodder-only fed), with or without Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin.

Jamón de bellota DO Extremadura 100% Ibérico

The Montesano –Gourmet Selection-, products under the Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin

Carving by ham masters

Our Iberian ham is hand-carved by our ham masters

Montesano loves to make the good times more comfortable. For this reason, our ham-carving masters have put all their love and care into slicing up this precious delicacy so that you can enjoy each slice as if it were freshly cut and always delicious.

Cured sausages

Selection of acorn-fed loins, tenderloins, chorizos, sausages and other cold cuts

Ever since, according to legend, King Alfonso ordered that every jug of wine served in the kingdom of Castile be capped (tapar) with a slice of ham, the word has become part of the everyday vocabulary, even crossing our borders.

Iberian cold cuts are the dream tapa, appetiser or starter in any celebration.

We take special care to meticulously elaborate our Iberian cold cuts, which is reflected in the quality and flavour of our acorn-fed pork loins, with and without paprika, chorizos and sausages, also acorn-fed, the exquisite tenderloin, among others. Selecting the best lean meats in our elaboration results in luxury Iberian cold cuts, free of allergens, suitable for everyone.

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