Iberian ham quality standard

The standard

Montesano Extremadura is a meat complex, composed of genetic-selection and breeding farms, pastures, mountain pastures, slaughterhouse, drying room and factory of Iberian hams and cold cuts for the manufacture of high-quality products derived from the Iberian pig. For this purpose, we have facilities of more than 20,000 m² and a capacity for 400,000 pieces of Iberian ham.

These facilities make Montesano one of the most complete factories in the Iberian pig industry. Our maximum efforts go into the genetic control of the Iberian pig and its feeding in order to reach all the quality standards required by the standard.

Designation according to

racial purity

100% Iberian

100% Iberian pig + 100% Iberian sow

Cross breeds

Pure Iberian + Duroc Jersey.
The breed percentage (75% or 50%) must appear on the label


Designation according to



Diet based on acorn, grass and other natural resources of the pasture

Field mix-fed

Fed with fodder, even if it may have been combined with the natural resources of the pasture in the open air


With fodder managed in intensive farming systems


Coffee Bean

100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

100% Iberian breed pigs, fed on acorns

Coffee Bean

Acorn-fed Iberian Pigs

99%-50% purebred pigs, fed on acorns

Coffee Bean

Iberian Field Mix-Fed

99%-50% purebred pigs, fed on grass and fodder

Coffee Bean

Iberian Mix-Fed

99%-50% purebred pigs, fed with fodder

Montesano Gourmet Selection offers only black, red and green labels