Montesano Extremadura. Since 1965 | Ibéricos Montesano

Paying homage to Iberian ham since 1965

The Montesano Legacy

80 years of history

Montesano has an 80-year history being true to a philosophy, a belief, a way of life. Our strong foundations are based on a deep respect for tradition and the application of the most modern technologies throughout all our production processes.

The environment

The uniqueness of Extremaduran pastures

A sustainable ecosystem unique in Europe. More than one million hectares of meadows and forests: holm oaks, cork oaks, oaks and other plant species populate an idyllic landscape where the Iberian pig is king. In Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz), a land passionate for the Iberian ham, Montesano Extremadura was founded as a family business continuing for three generations already, where the good work, the tradition and the magic of the pasture combine in the perfect recipe for the traditional production of all our Iberian hams and cold cuts.

The race

The Iberian pig

Montesano’s pigs are happy 100%-Iberian animals that live in freedom in Extremaduran pastures. Sun, air, water and large spaces make up their natural habitat. Feeding on fresh grass, flowers, aromatic plants and large quantities of acorn, and bathing in ponds and streams ensure that the 100% Iberian-pig has a full life.

Our Iberian hams

Montesano Products

Greatness is only achieved through effort, hard work, patience, craftsmanship and devotion to traditional methods. Mystery and love to achieve the best product in the world: the Montesano Iberian 100% acorn-fed ham, under the Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin.

Maximum Global Award, Diamond Taste Award

Certified Quality

Our 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham Montesano has achieved the highest global gastronomic award, the Diamond Award, from the prestigious International Taste Institute of Brussels 2024.

This award has been obtained after achieving the highest score for seven years and represents a unique recognition that grants the highest seal of quality and international recognition.

The award has been granted by a jury of 250 chefs and sommeliers and top-tier institutions, such as the Michelin Guide and Ferran Centelles from El Bulli Foundation, solidifying Montesano Extremadura at the pinnacle of the best acorn-fed Iberian hams in the world.


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